An Interview with 21 Year-Old Entrepreneur Lydia Jones, Founder of Housemates

We spoke with Lydia Jones, the founder of Housemates, to discuss the Manchester-based proptech start-up which has just launched its student accommodation booking platform. Founder Lydia has already won numerous awards for her entrepreneurship including regional winner for North West, North East F Factor and placed in our 29 Under 29 for 2020 winners.

Why was Housemates started? Why did the industry need it?

Until now, booking student accommodation has been a slow and unclear process, involving a lot of middlemen. For students, it’s often the most expensive transaction they will have made in their life, yet the existing options leave them vulnerable to being put out financially with an anxiety-inducing long wait before their accommodation is secured. This doesn’t make sense when it’s so easy to book accommodation instantly through services like Airbnb. Our solution lets students book accommodation with trusted providers securely online in minutes.

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