My own favourite Christmas moment is always Christmas Eve just before bed when all the lights are out except for the ones on the tree and beneath it lie all those yet unopened pressies!


For A Christmas Smile

Festive feel-good stories for the Christmas season. 

Put your feet up for five minutes and escape all those stressful preparations. 

Go on what are you waiting for? Put that kettle on, get your Kindle out and relax.

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This book is two romantic novelettes for you to get your teeth into.

Whether you're staying at home or jetting off to the sun "Summer Love" is the perfect feel-good holiday read for your Kindle.

Don't leave home without it!

You can download it by clicking on the link to the right which will take you directly to my Amazon page.


The inspiration for these two mini novels was my enjoyment of the serials I have written for magazines. It allows me to get to know my characters better and I really hope my readers will enjoy staying with them that little bit longer too!


The original collection of feel-good short stories in e-book format for Kindle and all Kindle apps (for i-phone, i-pad and your PC).


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I got the idea for this book when I became one of the thousands of people to receive a Kindle for Christmas. It occurred to me that there were many readers out there who don't take the magazines where my work usually appears but who would love to have an uplifting collection of of short stories to dip into.

Everyone's lives are hectic;sometimes there isn't time to immerse ourselves in a novel.

That's where collections like this come in: you can keep it in the car for all those waiting around times; by the kettle for that snatched coffee.

As an e-book For A Smile has reached new readers but I hope that my regular readers have also enjoyed the opportunity to have a collection of my stories all in one place. As ever, I appreciate your support.

Below are the inspirations behind the stories. I sincerely hope you enjoy the book!


Snakes and Lads: I once knew a lovely lady with a pet python. She was married, but I wondered: what if you were single?...


Maggie's Munch Stop: The man who owns the burger van above Harlyn Bay in Cornwell says he has the best office view in the world. That was my starting point for this one.


Being Beautiful: This is a reflection on how a compliment from a stranger can make all the difference. Harassed mums might want to bookmark this story.


Fifteen Minutes Fast: I love the idea that we are all linked by our emotions and experiences. The clock in this story provides a physical link through four generations.


A Space Of My Own: I've spent many years working with young people and this story is an examination of how 2nd-time-around relationships can sometimes affect them.


Never Go Back: A product of my inner romantic and a story of love regained.


Too Porsche For Words: I love to have fun with where misconceptions about other people can lead; like the young couple in this car dealership.


Tall Mocha, No Cream: I spend too much time in coffee shops, so I guess it was inevitable I would make up stories for the staff!


I Remember Me: Anyone who is a parent or who can remember being a teenager will relate to this one.


Swinging Sixties: I love hearing about how people met their partners. When a colleague at work told me, I decided I would reinvent their story with a twist!