Hi! My name is Lydia Jones.

I'm a writer of romantic fiction and general hope-it-makes-you-feel-good fiction. Even when one of my stories makes you cry, I hope it still leaves you with a warm smile!

I've been writing almost as long as I've been breathing, but it took practically breaking my back a few years ago to convince me to take it seriously. (Maybe I'm a bit dense, but when you're spending most of your hours horizontal you get lots of time to think about the future direction of your life!)

Now I'm delighted that my stories and serials have been published in magazines in the U.K. but also as far away as Australia, which is pretty exciting.

I love people-watching and have been known to eavesdrop just a little, as I'm fascinated by other people's lives.

Whatever I'm writing, it's the characters that inspire me: their situations, problems and relationships. One of the most wonderful things about writing is being able to create characters and worlds with which readers hopefully connect.

I hope you enjoy the story published here or anywhere else you read my work.

Thanks for visiting!